Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ajeet Alumni Meet, Pune, Dec 2010


1. Col MB Ravindranath VrC --name 'Ajeet Alumni'

2. Shri HR Shashikant, 708-Concentrate on the strength


4. Shri U Velu- extending help


5. Air Commodore Arun Joshi -addressing the meet.

7. Col MB Ravindranath VrC on writing (CVs) Curriculum Vitae

8. Five Lakh Collection-donated

9. 80 th Happy Birth Day to Shree G D Kale

11. Cdr Raja R Patil, 934, Adl making a point during the discussion

12. Shree G D Kale-Cake, sweets & Contribution

13. Shree G D Kale-excuse for the lapse


14. Shree G D Kale-Visit the alma mater.

16. Shri HR Shashikant, 708 on Web based Consulting


17. Shri HR Shashikant, 708 on writing (CVs) Curriculum Vitae /resume writing


18.  Shri HR Shashikant, 708, Group Executive President Group Human Resources at Aditya Birla Group addressing


19. Shri Milind Katti, 1801, Vij, Master of Ceremony


20. Shri S Masilamani felicitated


22. Shri TG Subramanya felicitated

Shri U Velu & Shri KPP Nambiar felicitated


23. Shri VN Mannapur Felicitated


24. Air Commodore Arun Joshi recalls life at SSBJ.

25. -Air Commodore Arun Joshi-affectionate staff at SSBJ.

26. Ajeets chatting after breakfast


27. Breakfast in progress

29. Captain (IN) Jatinder Kumar, Principal SSBJ on the blog

30. Captain (IN) Jatinder Kumar, Principal SSBJ Scholarships

31. Col MB Ravindranath VrC- connections across batches.

36. Music & Dance

38. Release of Souvenir

39. Shree Gopal Damodar Kale felicitated

44. Shri Anil Hiremath 1377, Hoy,-Wesite & portal

47. The Registration counter at work

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